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The RTA35 Series is Land Pride's toughest tiller, built to withstand the rigors of commercial jobs. The 35 Series Tiller is designed to go all day, day after day, in the most demanding jobs. With a 19" rotor swing diameter, this tiller can turn over a bunch of dirt without much getting in its way and is ideal for landscaping, nurseries, and commercial gardening applications. The Cat. 4 slip-clutch driveline and 75 HP gearbox keeps the power coming in the toughest conditions. The spring loaded rear deflector keeps the tailgate on the ground to level and keeps larger debris in for more pulverizing action.

  • American made: Many tillers are imported. American made means better parts availability.
  • Tractor horsepower range: 35 - 95 hp
  • Gearbox warranty: 3 Years on housing, gears, shafts, seals, bearings. Shows our confidence in the product.
  • Working width: 76". To meet specific customer needs.
  • 8" Digging depth: For extra deep soil penetration and cultivation.
  • Stamped upper hitch plate: Stamped plate adds additional strength to hitch.
  • Hitch bolted to inside of support: Force is applied downward on top hitch, by bolting hitch to inside of support. Keeps hitch from ‘spreading’ outward.
  • Clevis style lower hitch: Allows easier hook-up of lower 3-point arms.
  • Hitch offset capability: Offset 5" by moving lower hitch points to cover right tire track.
  • Fits Land Prid Quick Hitch: Allows for quick and easy one person hook-up. Offset can not be used with Quick Hitch.
  • Adjustable park stand: Allows for easy hook-up and storage.
  • Adjustable skid shoes: Control depth with various settings.
  • Wear shield or left skid shoe: Shield protects lower portion of chain cover from wearing due to dragging in the soil.
  • Formed rear deflector with springs: Forming gives deflector additional strength. Springs allow deflector to '‘bounce'’ when obstructions are hit.
  • Rear gate down pressure springs (optional): Forces the rear gate down to level even better. Easy-to-adjust chain tightener cast iron chain tightener is a simple bolt adjustment to keep constant tension on the chain.
  • Four or six tines per flange: Six tines go through the ground better than four.
  • "C" Tines: C Tines take less horsepower to move through the ground.
  • Rotor swing diameter: 19". For deep tilling action and turning the soil over faster.
  • Double lip seal on rotor bearings: Double lip seal helps keep the dirt out and the grease in.
  • Cat. 3 driveline with slip-clutch protection: Heavy driveline for rough conditions. Slip-clutch protects other drive train components and saves having to replace shear bolts.
  • #100 Drive chain enclosed in oil bath: Heavy-duty drive chain reduces stretching, oil keeps constant lubrication and holds wear to a minimum.
  • Stamped chain cover: Stamped forming adds additional strength.
  • Recommended Power Take-off Horsepower: 35-95 HP
  • Weight: 856 lb.
  • Tilling Width: 76 in.
  • Overall Width: 81 5/8 in.
  • 3-Point Hitch Type: Category 1 & 2, Adjustable Lower Hitch Clevis
  • Quick Hitch Compatible Cat. I: Yes
  • Quick Hitch Compatible Cat. II: Yes
  • Offset Capabilities: Yes, up to 5" maximum. May require offsetting the tractor’s lower 3-Point lift arms to achieve full 5" offset. (Cannot offset with Quick Hitch)
  • Number of Flanges: 8
  • Number of Tines per Flange: 6
  • Tine Construction: High Carbon heat treated "C in. shaped blades
  • Skid Shoes: Adjustable
  • Storage Stands: Adjustable
  • Rear Deflector: Spring Loaded, adjustable, rear deflector
  • Driveline: ASAE Category IV Heavy Duty Slip-Clutch
  • Gearbox: 65 HP at 540 RPM 1.87:1 Ratio
  • Gearbox Construction: Cast Iron Housing, Straight Bevel Gears
  • Gearbox Lubrication: SAE 80-90W EP oil
  • Gearbox Oil Capacity: 2 Pints
  • Drive Chain: #100 Roller chain Fully enclosed in oil bath with drain plug, fill plug and skid protection
  • Chain Case Oil Type: Shell Gadus S2 V2200 00 flowable grease or equivalent Land Pride Part #821-045C (32 oz. bottle)
  • Rotor Swing Diameter: 19 in.
  • Rotor Shaft Speed: 204 RPM at 540 RPM power take-off speed



Working Width
76 in. (193 cm)
81 5/8 in.
29 1/8 in.


Recommended HP
35-95 hp
856 lb. (388 kb)

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