2017 New Holland Agriculture T4F Narrow Series - Tier 3 T4.85F

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New Holland Agriculture
T4F Narrow Series - Tier 3 T4.85F



Key Features
  • Put Big Power To Work In Narrow Rows: The T4F series builds on the legendary TNF-A narrow tractors offering upgrades in a package as narrow as 58.5 inches. Lower cab height, three transmission options, SuperSteer™ FWD axle, powerful hydraulic and engine capability plus an optional front three-point hitch lets you multitask on each pass.
Engine Features
  • More Power In A Slim Design: Underneath the smooth lines and sloped hood of T4F Series tractors lies some impressive power. The four-cylinder, 195-cu. in. engine on the T4.75F and T4.85F and the 275-cu. in. engine on the T4.95F and T4.105F offer you smooth, responsive performance.
  • Plenty Of Lugging Power: When you’re handling heavy loads and tough conditions the T4F Series rises to the challenge with a torque rise of up to 39%. Plus, a large 120-amp alternator comes standard for a more powerful electrical system.
  • Turbocharged And Intercooled: A premium Bosch rotary fuel-injection pump and five-hole injectors provide precise fuel metering and delivery into all cylinders. A superior cross-flow cylinder head design keeps air cool and dense for superior combustion and maximum power production.
  • Clean And Fuel Efficient: All engine models are Tier III emissions compliant and approved for B100*. You’ll reduce pollution from the air you breathe and around your crops, plus have the flexibility to run on up to 100% pure biodiesel. *Must meet ASTM 6751 standards.
  • Designed To Last: A heavy-duty, cast iron engine block with a dry-sleeve design provides longer service life than competitive wet sleeve engines, without the risk of coolant contamination. The low 2300-rpm rated engine speed reduces noise and vibration, and extends engine life.
Transmission Features
  • More Choices For Precise Control: T4F transmissions put you in control with quiet, high-precision helical cut gears, the convenience of left-hand, in-line forward/reverse shuttling and your choice of three smooth gear configurations.
  • 16 X 16 Synchro Command™ Transmission: Whether you go with the standard mechanical shuttle or opt for the clutchless power shuttle, you’ll enjoy easy left-hand forward/reverse shuttling. • Eight speeds in the 2- to 8-mph working range suit a variety of jobs. • Three low-speed gears let you get down to .31 mph during high-control tasks like harvesting.
  • 32 X 16 Dual Command™ Transmission: A standard clutchless power shuttle and double the speeds to power through tough spots or gear down to match crop conditions. • Push button provides a high/low shift for each forward gear, for a total of 16 speeds in the 2- to 8-mph working range and seven gears below 1 mph. • Powershift is available on the go, under load, and without clutching, and low speeds provide a 20% speed reduction at the wheels with increased torque.
  • Smooth Change Of Direction: Eliminate the hassle of frequent clutching and reduce wear and tear on the driveline with the clutchless, electrohydraulic power shuttle. The lever is positioned at your left fingertips for ultra smooth changes in direction.
  • On-The-Go Traction: The differential lock locks the rear axles together for extra traction. SuperSteer™ FWD models lock both the front and rear axles together providing maximum pulling power. Both systems auto-disengage when no longer needed, or can be manually disengaged with the tap of the brake pedal.
Hitch And Hydraulics Features
  • Bigger Capacity And Dedicated Flow: Handle more functions at a time with two hydraulic gear pumps in two separate open-center hydraulic circuits. An optional front three-point hitch adds to your capability.
  • Bigger Capacity And Dedicated Flow: To ensure an ample supply of hydraulic power, a standard 12.8-gpm implement pump feeds the remotes and three-point hitch, while a second dedicated 7.3-gpm steering pump supplies dedicated flow to the steering, axle and transmission controls, with no flow loss to the tractor's main hydraulic system.
  • Upgrades Available: A larger 17.2-gpm implement pump with a hydraulic oil cooler is standard with power shuttle transmissions, or as a factory installed option on other transmissions. Power shuttle transmissions also feature a 9.4-gpm steering pump.
  • Take On More With Front And Rear Hitches: Multitask on each pass. A 4,045-pound, SAE-rated rear three-point hitch lift capacity lets you take advantage of the largest of implements. The FWD T4.75F and T4.95F models add an optional electronically controlled front 2,810-pound three-point hitch to handle heavy front mounted implements, along with a 1000-rpm PTO.
  • Productive Values: More rear remote valves than the competition plus two mid-mount valves for front-mounted attachments let you accomplish more. • Up to three rear remote valves are available with color coordinated controls placed at the right of the seat, matching the valve coupler caps at the rear of the tractor for easy use. • An electrically controlled mid-mount valve with 2 remotes and diverters to control oil flow for up to 5 functions. The electric mid-valve is for vineyard equipment that requires many hydraulic adjustments. Modern trimming equipment would be an example of it's use.
  • Effortless Implement Control: The exclusive Lift-O-Matic™ and Lift-O-Matic™ Plus quick lift lets you raise or lower three-point hitch implements to a preset position. Plus, lower link draft sensing is standard so you can operate the hitch in draft and/or position control mode.
Front Axle Features
  • The Tightest Turns In The Industry: At row ends, you’ll appreciate the patented SuperSteer™ FWD axle for 50% tighter turns than the competition. And when the going gets tough, the Traction Management System kicks in for optimum traction, braking and control, even on hills. If your operation doesn’t require FWD, an economical 2WD front axle is also available.
  • Swivel At Row Ends: The SuperSteer axle articulates, allowing the outside wheel to move in front of the tractor’s nose, as the inside wheel moves away from the frame, providing a 76-degree turn angle for the shortest row-to-row turns in the industry.
  • Maintain Control: Whether you’re traveling on level ground or climbing and descending steep slopes, the exclusive Traction Management System engages FWD at the first signs of slippage in the rear wheels. The system also assists during braking for greater stopping power.
  • Pull Through Tough Spots: Electrohydraulic differential locks link both front and rear axles together to provide maximum pulling power.
Cab And Operator Platform Features
  • Full Featured With A Low, Narrow Profile: No need to sacrifice comfort for size. The T4F Series offers a choice of roomy operator platform or deluxe cab, while maintaining the narrow width, lower center of gravity and sleek design needed when working in the tight rows and close quarters of orchards and vineyards.
  • Spacious Operator Platform: The operator platform is designed to keep you comfortable with more hip area and legroom, plus easy to reach controls and an adjustable vinyl seat. The mid-mount rollbar folds down allowing extra clearance under low branches or overhangs.
  • Roomy Cab With A Lower Profile: The T4F Series provides for a low height clearance needed in orchard and nut crops, and inside, you’ll appreciate adjustable heat and air conditioning, a deluxe seat with optional air suspension and two wide-opening doors for easy access.
  • Clean Work Environment With Blue Cab: The standard factory cab - Blue Cab - offers maximum climate control performance and a cleaner breathing and work environment. A deluxe air filtration package cleans incoming air and recirculates it with fine mesh anti-pollen filters and a high-capacity cab pressurization blower keeps the dust out.
  • Designed To Protect Crops: Sloped side panels protect crops from the engine and the horizontal exhaust and muffler are tucked under the hood to prevent tangling in branches and vines.
  • Bright Lights: Distinctive “cat’s eye” lighting enhances your productivity in fog or darkness.
  • Dependable Electronics With Easy-To-Read Displays: The CAN BUS electrical system offers superior function and reliability. Critical information is displayed through the new ADIC (Analog Digital Instrument Cluster) conveniently located on the dash.
Maintenance Features
  • Checkpoints Where You Want Them: You’ll stay up to date with routine service checks with the easy access design of T4F tractors.
  • Easy Diagnostics: The CAN BUS electrical system features a single connection point for diagnostics, allowing you to read error codes, should they occur, for transmission and Auto FWD directly from the dash.
  • Get Under The Hood Faster: The flip-up hood opens easily and is supported by a gas strut.
  • Quick Refuels And Faster Fluid Checks: The fuel fill is easy to reach from ground level and engine oil can be checked and filled without raising the hood. Plus, a single dipstick at the rear of the tractor gives quick access to transmission, hydraulic and steering oil levels.
  • Type: 4-cycle, diesel
  • Make: New Holland
  • Model: F5C
  • Cylinders / Aspiration: 4, Turbocharged and Intercooled
  • Displacement, cu. in. (L): 195 (3.2)
  • Block Type: Parent Bore
  • Rated Speed, RPM: 2300
  • Gross Engine Horsepower†: 87
  • PTO Horsepower†: 72
  • Torque Rise†: 30%
  • Maximum Torque, lb.-ft. (Nm)†: 259 (352) @ 1250 rpm
  • Emission Legislation: Tier III
Fuel, Air And Lubrication System
  • Injection Pump: Bosch VE, Rotary
  • Injector Type: Direct
  • Fuel Filter Type: Dual stage fuel filtering system with water/sediment separator followed by a paper filter element cartridge
  • Fuel Tank Capacity, gal. (L): 19.3
  • Air Filter Type: Dry, Dual Element
  • Service Interval††: 500 hours
  • Muffler: Under hood
  • Exhaust Outlet: Under right side of operator's station
  • Transmissions: Base: 16x16 with a Mechanical Shuttle
  • -: Option 1: 16x16 with a Power Shutttle
  • -: Option 2: 32x16 Dual Command with a Power Shuttle
  • Clutch Type / Size (Mechanical), in. (mm): Dry, 11 (280) diameter, heavy-duty cerametallic materia
  • Clutch Type / Size (Electro-hydraulic), in. (mm): Wet, six plates 5.2 (133), organic material
  • Top Speed: Base: 30 KPH, Optional: 40 KPH (FWD models only)
  • Battery, volts/cca: 12/800
  • Alternator, amps: 120
  • Cold Start Aid: Grid Heater
Front Axle
  • 2WD Front Axle: Steering Angle, degrees: 55
  • SuperSteer™ FWD Front Axle: Front Differential Lock: Fully locking, electro-hydraulic engaged
  • SuperSteer™ FWD Front Axle: Steering Angle, degrees: 76
Hydraulic System
  • System Type: Open Center
  • System Pressure, psi. (bar): 2755 (190)
  • Implement Pump Flow, gpm. (L/Min): Base - Mechanical Shuttle: 12.8 (48.6) / 17.2 (65)
  • Implement Pump Flow, gpm. (L/Min): Base - Power Shuttle: 17.2 (65) / 17.2 (65)
  • Optional: 17.2 (65)
  • Steering & Services Pump, gpm. (L/Min): Mechanical Shuttle: 7.3 (28.0)
  • Steering & Services Pump, gpm. (L/Min): Power Shuttle: 9.4 (35.6)
  • Steering & Services Pump, gpm. (L/Min): Remotes Valves: 2 (Base), 3 (Optional, includes flow control)
  • Draft Control: Mechanical
  • Upper / Lower Limit Setting: Lift-O-Matic
  • 3-Pt Hitch Lift Capacity (24" behind lift point), lbs. (kg): 4045 (1835)
  • Front Lift and PTO: Optional
Rear PTO
  • 540/1000 RPM: Optional
  • Engagement: Mechanical with Hydraulic Servo-Assist
Turning Performance
  • Turning Radius: 2WD – without Brakes, ft. (m): 11.1 (3.4)
  • Turning Radius: SuperSteer FWD – without Brakes, ft. (m): 10.8 (3.3)
  • Turn Around Diameter: 2WD – without Brakes, ft. (m).: 13.3 (4.1)
  • Turn Around Diameter: SuperSteer FWD – without Brakes, ft. (m).: 8.4 (2.6)
Approximate Weights
  • 2WD Less Cab, lbs. (kg): 6089 (2762)
  • 2WD Cab, lbs. (kg): 6261 (2840)
  • SuperSteer FWD Less Cab, lbs. (kg): 6243 (2832)
  • SuperSteer FWD Cab, lbs. (kg): 6415 (2910)
  • Platform Type – Cab / Rollbar: Iso mounted, straddle platform
  • Wheelbase: 2WD, in. (mm): 82.0 (2083)
  • Wheelbase: SuperSteer FWD, in. (mm): 92.4 (2348)
  • Tire Track Widths: Front 2WD, in. (mm): 45.1 (1146) – 63.5 (1612)
  • Tire Track Widths: Front SuperSteer FWD, in. (mm): 41.8 (1062) – 58.7 (1492)
  • Rear, in. (mm): 43.6 (1108) – 61.0 (1550)
  • Min. Overall Width, in. (mm): 58.5 (1486)
  • Height to Top of Rollbar, in. (mm): 89.5 (2274)
  • Height to Top of Dash, in. (mm): 50.8 (1290)
  • Height to Top of Cab, in. (mm): 85.5 (2173)



Engine Manufacturer
New Holland
Engine Type
4-cycle, diesel


82.0 (2083)
89.5 (2274)


Fuel Capacity

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