Rental Terms and Conditions

Payment Unless prior arrangements are made, rental terms are cash, certified checks, personal check (with approval), or credit card. All payments due in advance.

Periods 1 Day - 24 Hours, or 8 Hours of use, (whichever comes first)

Weather Rental shall apply for the entire time the equipment is away from Zimmer Tractor, regardless of

Cleaning All units should be returned in like condition as rented. Any additional cleaning will be billed to rentee at shop rate of at least $75.00 per hour.

Fuel All units will leave Zimmer Tractor with a full tank and should be returned with a full tank. All additional fuel will be charged at $3.00 per gallon.

Insurance The customer is responsible for the welfare of the equipment at all times and must show proof of insurance.

Delivery & Pick -Up Delivery and pick up will be provided within a 25 mile radius for weekly rentals for $100.00. Delivery and pickup will be provided within a 25 mile radius for monthly rentals for $50.00.

Rates Rates subject to change. Last updated 06/13. Delivery rates based on Zimmer's Monroe location and equipment availability subject to Monroe's scheduling.